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6 Secrets to Adding WOW at Your Resort in 2014

Written by: Jeff Coy | View Author Bio

Successful resort development has evolved over the decades through a series of strategies that added WOW to the guest experience. Today’s hotel guest is looking for an experience, not just the same old amenities. Meeting planners are looking for resorts that offer a unique on-site experience so they can avoid the hassle and cost of arranging vans to transport attendees to off-site locations. A growing number of resort owners “get it” and are leading the way. And now we are seeing another major trend in resort development — the emergence of Adventure Parks & Resorts. Innovators, sporting enthusiasts and entrepreneurs…

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Waterslides Insurance And Liability

Written by: Joe Blee

A white paper about safety and insurance considerations when deciding to install water amusements in your hotel. Recognized expert in the field of waterpark safety issues and insurance. The strong trend to add water amenities in hotels is causing hotel owners everywhere ask questions about slides and waterparks while they look for ways to head off competition from a new waterpark being built nearby or to gain a competitive advantage over local rivals. The two most common options are to add a slide to an existing pool, or to expand through new construction of a waterpark.From a cost perspective, the…

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So You Want to Build a Hotel Indoor Waterpark!

Written by: Jeff Coy and Bill Haralson | View Author Bio

If you’re planning to add an indoor waterpark to your existing hotel or start from scratch with a new construction project, like the Kalahari Resort or Great Wolf Lodge at Wisconsin Dells, you may want to get the experts involved early. Did you hear the one about the guy who built a yacht in his basement and then had to tear  down his house to get the boat out? Well, it can be the same problem in reverse when you’re building an indoor waterpark. Many times, you have to build the water structure first – — you know, the waterslides and the treehouse. Then…

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Adding A Waterpark To A Hotel: Is It A Good Idea?

Written by: David Sangree | View Author Bio

Numerous hotel owners are considering adding an indoor waterpark to their existing hotel as a way to boost occupancy levels and revenues at their property. How does one determine if this is a good idea? How much does it cost to add a waterpark to a property?

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Pre-planning Your Waterpark

In this section we will review key areas to explore when considering adding a waterpark feature or developing a hotel waterpark from project inception.

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Outside In – Build Anything Indoors

Written by: Jeff Coy | View Author Bio

New technologies mean almost anything now can be built indoors. Here’s a look at the options available to waterpark operators.

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5 Ways To Market Your New Waterslide!

You waterpark is open and ready to go. Marketing your slide is an important part of increasing your revenue, it is time to spread the word and attract customers!

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Our Process

Super Squirt Hotel Waterslide

Here are the steps, sequence and cost summary to better understand the process of working with us to build a waterpark.

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Game Plan

Written by: Frank Seninsky | Amusement Entertainment Management

Games form a key revenue component. Here’s how to reap the rewards. Water and games mix well together when you know the right formula. While guests like to hang out in the waterpark, they also want to enjoy some dry entertainment. Games and family attractions not only accomplish this need, but also provide an opportunity to generate huge revenues for the indoor waterpark resort. Families have a chance to bond while playing, and saving redemption tickets or points for a desired prize is a key reason guests return to the resort. Still not convinced you should add games to your…

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Water Fun Shows a Bottom Line

Written by: Peggy Lalor | Published in AAHOA Lodging Business Sept '07

Today, most hotels have pools, so it doesn’t create a competitive advantage, but the hotel owners who add a simple slide, spray elements, buckets or splash toys (often in the same amount of space as a standard hotel pool), are attracting new customers from their competition. Ask families traveling for their kids’ sports teams where they would rather stay – at a hotel with a pool and a slide or one with just a pool (no slide)?

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