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Wave Pools & Rivers

Wave Pools

Experience small, relaxing waves or six foot high waves that will challenge any surfer!

Wave Pools can be manufactured to fit smaller pools, large theme park settings and even simulated beach areas of hotels and resorts.

Wave generation equipment can also produce powerful, larger waves providing visitors with the opportunity to try a fast-paced body or boogie board run. Even the largest of these impressive pools can produce six foot high fully surfable waves that where any avid surfer will be challenged.

Our Wave Pool installations utilize a wave chamber where the actual tide or wave is produced in an area closed off to the public. Noise and mechanics are not an issue in our waterparks. With our wave generation equipment no moving parts come into contact with the water, reducing wear and tear.


Rivers are a huge hit at waterparks around the globe. The same process of wave generation is applied to our river rides producing an action river effect. Rivers can be configured to provide a faster paced ride, or slow down completely to provide a relaxation float throughout the park.