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Where are the waterslides manufactured?

Our slides are manufactured in a state of the art facility in Canada assuring you get only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Steel components are pre-fabricated in the Canadian plant with the same quality and workmanship standards. All stair towers are erected at the plant prior to shipping to ensure that when onsite, everything will go together in a smooth and timely manner creating years of quality service to customers.

How Does A Waterslide Increase ADR & Occupancy?

It differentiates your property from the competition and attracts sports teams and family’s traveling on weekends & holidays which has proven to increase bottom line revenue especially in hotels whose prime business is weekday business travelers.  By filling the weekends and holidays, hotel owners are able to increase the revenue stream in an area that can offer the largest bottom line results. Our clients see a 5% or more increase in their ADR and Occupancy.

How do I know if my hotel is fit for a waterpark?

There are certain things to look for when determining if your hotel is fit for a waterpark. We’ve outlined some of the pre-planning steps here or contact our sales professionals to help you run some ROI numbers or suggest a feasibility study by industry professionals.

What will my return on investment be?

We calculate return on investment by looking factors such as ADR, occupancy and number of rooms. In an effort to provide information to hotel owners and developers to determine a rate of return on investment (ROI) we have created a few calculating models to provide some understanding of what you can expect.Click here to view our ROI calculator.

Will I need a Lifeguard?

Depending on the waterpark and your local regulations a lifeguard may or may not be required. We also offer Stop & Go Lights and you can add a lockable which will eliminate or reduce the need for a lifeguard in some cases.

What do I need to know about Insurance?

Insurance will depend on your area and park size. Joe Blee, industry expert recommends a few tips to allow future flexibility and provide options for your insurance program:

  • Build a slide that can be gated or closed.
  • Share your park design with your insurance broker/company prior to commencing construction. Seek their input and approval.
  • Talk to an insurance agent who has experience in this specific area and contacts with the major underwriters who have experience.
  • Have a plan in place to address slips and falls, cuts and bruises.
  • Facility Rules. You must write them, share them, and enforce them. Signage package?
  • Slide Rules. Follow the manufacturer’s rules and enforce them
  • Lifeguard or slide attendant?Or neither?
  • Injury waiver and proper use.
  • Franchise Flag requirements:Does a slide change your insurance requirements?
    Financial Requirements:Does a slide change your insurance requirements?

For more information you can click here. Or contact Joe Blee for more information.

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