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Our Process

Here are the steps, sequence and cost summary to better understand the process of working with us to build a waterpark.

Phase 1: Feasibility Study

A feasibility study provides an impartial view from industry experts to evaluate your proposed site, area lodging market, projected room sales by water park users and other guest types, derive physical facility requirements for the proposed facility, prepare a financial analysis. Your study request will be bid to 2-3 industry professionals and will include our evaluation of the study results for your approval.

Phase 2: Design Contract

There are several ways we can help you decide on a design for your park and have outlined 3 options to consider.

  • Select an existing plan layout with little or no changes (Cost = $0 go directly to Phase 3)
  • Select an existing plan layout from our existing catalogue we have on file and make a few alterations to the plan to fit your needs and have the plan placed in AutoCAD on your specific site.
  • Create a custom design based on customer generated ideas

Note: 50% of all design fees will be credited back to the customer when the equipment is purchased from

Other services at additional fees that we can provide include:

  • Site assessment
  • Analysis of layout, traffic flow, space requirements
  • Cost estimation beyond expected dollar per sq foot
  • Presentations to secure permits or financing
  • Renderings of the designs
  • Interior design or theming

Management Roles
The client may chose to lead the construction project and have HWP provide:

  • Pricing & Management of; HVAC, Filtration systems, pools & hot tub, slides & play structures and themeing.
  • Or Project Management services for a turn key solution which would include the above: building shell, plumbing, electrical, lighting, floors, walls, interior finishes.

Phase 3: Engineering & Construction Drawing Contract

Upon client sign off of the design work, HWP will facilitate meetings between the owners and management construction team to finalize the specific products and materials to be included in the job. Once the plan is complete, the project will be engineered to produce construction drawings. The cost of this phase is estimated at 3-5% of the projected cost of the project and will be billed as progress billing i.e. every 30 days. Note: this does not include architectural drawings of the exterior of the building.


Once the drawings have been completed, HWP management or General Contractor of your choice will bid the subcontract work to 2-4 companies and evaluate bid proposals based on capabilities, available resources, quality of work and safety records to ensure the best pricing for the value is achieved. These bids will be shared with the owners and agreed upon before proceeding. At the end of Phase 3 the customer will have stamped engineered & construction drawings and complete pricing of the project.

Phase 4: Construction

The construction phase will include project scheduling to guide orders for materials and labor, communication of project progress and critical dates to ensure project completion hit target dates. Financial management will be provided as the process proceeds as an open book management style. HWP will schedule and manage the job and will be paid a management fee of the total job cost. HWP will be responsible for quality control and a review of the procedures prior to commencement of work and identification and correction of substandard field work resulting in high quality building projects. Owner’s manual, maintenance guide and warranty will be provided at the conclusion of the construction phase.

Phase 5: Post construction

System Training and start up can be arranged Marketing and promotional program can be negotiated to market your waterpark.