Hotel Waterpark Design, Manufacturing & Construction.

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Our Services

Turn Key Services for Hotel Water Parks

Indoor & Outdoor Hotel Water Park Design

Site appeal, location visibility, climate, culture capacity and entertainment value are key elements we consider with every design we create. Our team of experienced designers and engineers understand the links between design, construction and management of water and theme park development

The design and engineering services offered by include:

  • master planning
  • site-plan development
  • slide path design
  • structural support systems
  • tower and foundation design
  • hydraulic and mechanical design.

We provide industry knowledge regarding park capacity, placement of amenities and rides, park accessibility, convenience, and above all profitability. Details such as land and site restraints, budgetary and environmental issues, and future development possibilities are all taken into consideration.

Our engineering team can provide the complete package, or work with your local engineers and architects to ensure that quality and safety are implemented at each stage of the project.

Water Slide Manufacturing uses state-of-the-art equipment, and the finest raw materials and fiberglass. All our finished products are tested to meet or exceed industry standards. We conduct constant research to ensure we provide the highest possible standard of durability and quality.

Water Slide Installation & Construction

Our on-site construction process is equal to none. employs only skilled, experienced installing professionals who bring years of industry experience to each project. Our expert installers are talented individuals who will construct your waterpark in an efficient and timely manner.


We understand how important it is to you to provide a clean and professional environment for your customers. The Like New Program™ provides an annual full inspection and complete
refurbishing of your waterslide ride. Click here for more information on the Like New Program.

Post Construction

System Training and start up can be arranged marketing and promotional program can be negotiated to market your waterpark.

Additional Services

  • Site assessment
  • Analysis of layout, traffic flow, space requirements
  • Cost estimation beyond expected dollar per sq foot
  • Presentations to secure permits or financing
  • Renderings of the designs
  • Interior design or theming