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Kid’s Flume Slides

These short but action-packed slides can be set in a variety of configurations and product an exciting yet safe water adventure for the children.

Ramp Slide

ramp slide

A high capacity slide that will get all the kids charged up for the day! ┬áThe extra wide 100″ flume can shuttle kids down in record quantities.


  • Avg Gradient: 15-25%
  • Capacity: 180-200 riders/hour
  • Water Rate: 250-400 USGPM

Kiddie Flume

kid flume

Designed with a moderate slope and high walls to ensure kid’s safety, these flumes can be set in an infinite number of path configurations.


  • Avg Gradient: 9-12%
  • Capacity: 180-200 riders/hour
  • Water Rate: 400-600 USGPM


Rio Ultra

Safe and fun, the Ultraflume is designed with moderate slopes and short twists to excite kids of all ages.


  • Avg Gradient: 12-14%
  • Capacity: 400-600 riders/hour
  • Water Rate: 600-800 USGPM