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Hotel Waterpark Packages

We have created a visual experience to help customers better understand the size, look & feel that can be created, altered or redesigned to fit your project. Our complete packages are designed based on square footage and can be used as is or customized to suit your needs.

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Pick or customize an existing package:


Hotel Turret

Change your pool from a non-performing asset into something that attracts more customers!! We have created a pre-fabricated turret allowing the addition of a slide to a pool area with low ceilings and minimal deck space. The minimum height required to install a Super Squirt slide is 24’ with a 24’ x 24’ foot print. Our design will help make it easy to bring your pool area to life and attract customers away from your competitors thus increasing your occupancy and ADR. The Super Squirt can be built with a run out or empty into your existing pool.

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3,770 Sq Ft Package

Perfect for hotels with limited space!

Similar space to a standard hotel pool, this package includes our most popular ride the Super Squirt, it includes a shallow area and spray elements. Party, fitness rooms allow the facility to host birthday parties and family gatherings.

View 3,770 Sq Ft Package

5,570 Sq Ft. Package

Have a little more space? This package is similar to the 3,770 but includes a separate shallow pool with a play center for children. Perfect for attracting visitors of all ages and room to host those ever popular birthday programs. The 5570 model offers a squared off splash pool to provide space for those wishing to swim laps along with a separate play area for the children. The Super Squirt slide is the perfect slide to keep the kids busy climbing up the spiral staircase and sliding down an exciting enclosed slide and into the splash pool.

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8,000 Sq Ft Package

This package has a set of exciting Super Flumes, which run outside of your hotel and back in – exciting for the kids and a great way to advertising your amenity. Also includes a shallow play area for the little ones and space for community use.

View 8,000 Sq Ft Package

12,900 Sq Ft Package

The perfect amount of space to entertain the family with a set of indoor/outdoor Super Flumes along with a play center and activity pool. A great size that is guaranteed to attract travelers and local residents!

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15,400 Sq Ft Package

This is a great size waterpark that is designed to expand outdoors or add a second addition after your business expands. This park will not only attract families looking for a hotel but also for local residents who will be glad to recommend it to friends. Charge a waterpark only fee and watch your ROI sore!

View 15,400 Sq Ft Package

30,000 Sq Ft Package

This two phase plan allows the developer to build the first phase of 15,000 sq ft which provides everything you need in a small park and then add when the business is ready. Planned phased development is a good business strategy to reduce initial capital investment, re-pay debt before adding more and protect you from competition.

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