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The Ultra Flume

The Ultraflume is designed with moderate slopes and short turns and twists. Utilizing a narrower U-shapes profile, the Ultraflume allows for tighter radius turns and a variety of design applications. Combining an ideal mixture of twists, turns and drop speed which provides an appropriate ride for any small or large waterpark configuration.

Designed for riders of all ages
The Ultraflume can be configured for any target age group. Smaller, kid friendly configurations to larger paths for teens and adults.

Perfect for any facility
The Ultraflume is so versatile, that it works in every market; waterparks, hotels, municipal pools, water playgrounds, aquatic facilities, campgrounds and cruise ships.

Standard Design Pool Packages

The Ultraflume “Poolsider” can be fitted with a run out or empty into an existing pool. Single, double and triple loop configurations are available in our standard design packages. Packages can be specified to include a free-looping system or stacking loops which maximize space indoors or in tighter areas.


Single Loop

  • Height: 7ft 6in (2.285m)*
  • Length: 59ft (18m)
  • Slope: 12.7%

Double Loop

  • Height: 13ft 1.5in (4m)*
  • Length: 98ft 6in (30m)
  • Slope: 13.3%

Triple Loop

  • Height: 19ft 3in (5.85m)
  • Length: 142ft 9in (43.5m)
  • Slope: 13.5%



  • Designed for all ages
  • Perfect for any application
  • Little water loss
  • Stairs customized to site specs
  • Standard and custom configurations
  • Self supporting and engineered for site conductors

Common Specifications

  • Type: Body Slide
  • Capacity: 400-600 riders/hour
  • Water Rate: 600-800 USGPM
  • Average Gradient: 12-14%