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“We added a waterslide attraction (Super Squirt) to our 102 room hotel and were able to increase rates from $114 midweek, to $127 on weekends & summer holidays.  At the same time, our occupancy showed that 40+% came for the waterslide, resulting in $500K of additional revenue! “

Alnoor Nanji
Multiple property owner

“The Pomeroy Group has been building hotels, convenience stores, pubs and restaurants throughout Northern Alberta. Our hotels have various flags including; Super 8, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Ramada and Pomeroy Inns & Suites. One thing our hotels have in common is a waterslide – We don’t build a hotel without one because we know the return on investment and it works in every market we have entered.”

Bob Pomeroy (Chairman & CEO)
The Pomeroy Group – Grand Prairie AB

“The 13,000 sq foot waterpark attached to our hotel has been effective in generating an ADR increase of $20-$25 per room (18%) and a 10% increase in our occupancy. Our birthday party program is a roaring success with 4 party rooms that turn over several times a day and keep the revenue generating from our local residents. We added a solar heating system which saves us over $60k a year. The waterpark amenity has been a very successful part of our business model.”

Terry Rempel (Developer)
Ramada – Lethbridge AB