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5 Ways To Market Your New Waterslide!

You waterpark is open and ready to go. Marketing your slide is an important part of increasing your revenue, it is time to spread the word and attract customers!

1. Update your online website / directories.

Updating your hotel’s online information is extremely important. In this day and age everyone is doing their research online, including finding and booking hotels. This may seem like a no brainier but you would be surprised on how many hotels do not update their online persona with new amenities.

2. Advertise on your hotel sign

Adding a sign to your hotel advertising your waterpark is not only going to help bring in travelers that are passing by looking for a hotel, but it is also going to inform the local community.

3. Target the Local Market

Boost your revenue by having a waterpark-only fee. Put a press release in your local paper, or take out advertising space. If you are planning a birthday party program, make sure to put that in the advertisement.

4. Print Material

Make sure your brochures and other print material are up to date. Don’t have a brochure or a flyer? It is time to get one.

5. Market at local schools, churches and communities centers

Bring a flyer to the schools, churches and community centers in your area. Hotels with waterparks are a big plus for traveling sports teams, and other youth activities.