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Pre-planning Your Waterpark

In this section we will review key areas to explore when considering adding a waterpark feature or developing a hotel waterpark from project inception.

What Size?

Deciding how big a space you need to service your hotel can be done through various means. Hiring a feasibility study or working with a qualified design company will give you a range of suggestions on the type of park and the size that will suit your area and your facility. It is important to establish the right size to ensure a return on your investment. Too big or too small will not accomplish the intended goals.

Its important to know:

  • Know your own area
  • How many rooms you have or you plan to build
  • Local and regional demographics
  • Whether you want to include space for the local community to use the facilities
  • Whether you plan to market to birthday parties
  • What your marketing capabilities are

Kva-Kva Russian Indoor Waterpark

What Components?

There are a wide variety of components to consider. Slides and spray features come in many shapes and sizes including varieties for small children to the super fast turning open or closed varieties moving in and out of the building for those seeking more of a thrill.

Components to consider include; water play grounds, spray elements, lazy riverswave pools, characters, swings, climbing units, showers, cranks, water cannons, nets, valves, accessories like log rolls, basketball hoops.

Making sure the components are durable, safe and accurately meet the capacity and play objectives of each of the component and component mix is crucial to establishing the right mix to create an effective final outcome.

Snake Themed Waterslide

Hotel & Park Theming

Stepping from our everyday world into a jungle or fantasy land captures the spirit of play and adventure that attracts kids and keeps them coming back. Whether you chose a small amount of theme details or an elaborate design it can make a difference in the experience and the ability to market hotel guests as well as parties and drop in clients.

Companies with extensive experience in this aspect of the market can be key to developing a project that works.

Design Services

Designing the water park space to create an atmosphere for the demographic profile of your client is extremely important. Choosing the right rides, slides and play structures takes someone who knows the whole industry resulting in effective use of space to place pumps, stairs, concessions, change rooms etc.

Master Planning

The flow of a Master Plan is essential to the success of any project. The creation and refinement of an accurate and solid Master Plan is the starting point of any water or theme park development project.

The creators provide industry knowledge regarding park capacity, placement of amenities and rides, park accessibility, convenience, operations and above all profitability. Details such as land and site restraints, budgetary and environmental issues, and future development possibilities are all taken into consideration.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is necessary to ensure the slide path design, structural support systems, tower, hydraulic and mechanical design selected components are structurally sound and the weights, heights of the inner pieces are compatible to the entire plan.

Waterslide companies will normally procure the structural steel and design for the slides or stairs and will need to integrate the details with the design and masterplan team.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Mechanical and electrical engineering is required to provide the systems to keep water filtered and treated along with pumps for slides, wave machines and spray features.

Ensuring these systems are integrated for the most efficiency will result in cost effective management of your utility resources.

Building Plans & Construction Services

Building plans and construction services once the master plan has been created you are ready to choose a construction company.

Choosing a construction company with appropriate experience in every step of the job is crucial to keep the project on time and on budget. Companies with experience installing rides, HVAC, pool filtration systems are worth their weight in gold to avoid mistakes and costly delays.

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Health & Safety

Obviously the health and safety of the customers is paramount as well as following the various local and nation regulations for fire, safety, health and OSHA regulations.  A design team with experience is KEY to ensure that attention has been paid to these issues.

Industry master planners will review the project for disability access, health & safety board approval to ensure planning will meet state requirements.


Insurance – is expensive no matter how you well you shop but it will help your insurance costs if your operation procedures are clearly defined and your park design and components are made and installed by reputable experienced companies. Retaining a water park safety expert can make a difference in accident prevention as well as a facility record of accidents – frequency and severity, presence of video cameras and over all operator experience and size of portfolio

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Daily Operations

Creating systems for operation of your park need to consider everything from lifeguards, concession workers and mechanical including training manuals and safety records.

Annual Maintenance

Like all mechanical operations it is important to do yearly maintenance on your water park. Ensuring that proper maintenance by professionals in the industry will reduce the possibility of accidents and mechanical and structural failures. Maintenance contracts are a sure way to ensure it happens properly – every year.