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Like New Program

“Like New Program”™ keeps your investment looking and working it’s best.

The “Like New Program”™ provides an annual full inspection and complete refurbishing of your waterslide ride. We check the ride and the supporting equipment to ensure it is running safely and efficiently. We understand how important it is to you to provide a clean and professional environment for your customers. It is with this in mind that we have created this program with the following services:

Inspect All Equipment

Our service team will provide a safety inspection of all waterslide components, support structures and access areas. Foundations, connections of arm supports and strength and durability of fiberglass flumes will be recorded. An assessment of overall equipment condition will be recorded with respect to original installation date. All fasteners will be checked for tightness and re-torqued if necessary.

Re-Seal All Joints as Required

Following a full equipment inspection, all fiberglass seams and flume joints requiring additional caulking, sanding and buffing will be treated with a new sealant layer. Flume joints tend to be areas of the slide that experience friction and these areas must be checked regularly.

Clean Out and Polish All Slide Components

Once all minor repairs are made and seams and joints are re-sealed, all fiberglass components are washed and cleaned. A layer of marine polish (sealant) is applied, polished and buffed to leave a smooth slide surface.

Touch-Up Painted Steel Components as Required

During the overall equipment inspection, support arms, support towers and staircases are inspected for wear, scratches and rust spots. At this point, minor paint touch-ups are made in areas that are most noticeable.

Adjust Pump to Ensure Most Efficient Volumn

An inspection of waterslide mechanical is made to ensure proper functioning equipment. Water pumping components and equipment are adjusted to ensure the most efficient use of power and water and will be lubricated if required.