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Dan Martin

Dan has directed more than 250 ERA assignments principally in the areas of visitor attractions, resorts, and parks and recreation projects. Within these categories he has developed specific areas of expertise in the market and financial analysis for museums, zoos, aquariums, themed attractions, waterparks resorts, sports facilities, and master plans for each of these categories and tourism development strategies that can involve some or all of them.

Target markets that he has focused on include children as well as many different segments of the adult market.  His projects have been in both small communities and large metro areas.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Dan has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a BS in Architectures from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.  He has published in Planning, Fun World, Urban Land, and many other magazines and has spoken at many conferences.

Dan Martin
Managing Principal
Market & Feasibility Advisors, LLC
1 South Dearborn, suite 2100
Chicago, IL 60610